New York Fashion Week: Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber makes runway debut at Calvin Klein

Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford, Calvin Klein, New York Fashion Week

Kaia Gerber, the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford, officially made her runway debut during New York Fashion Week.

The 16-year-old kicked off her very first runway at Raf Simon’s Calvin Klein show, reported Ace Showbiz.

Kaia modelled for the show wearing a colour-block button down shirt over a royal blue turtleneck teamed with a pair of gold satin pants and leather boots.

Sporting minimum makeup while arranging her wavy hair parted down and around her shoulders, she had a black-and-red fringed accessory hanged on the waist.

The brunette starlet, who has signed with IMG Models, shared a photo from the show.

Kaia gushed in the caption, “CALVIN KLEIN! there are no words to describe how I feel, I love you endlessly Raf!”

Polar Loop Activity Tracker

A personal trainer every hour of the day, on your wrist!

If you want your New Year’s resolution of being a healthier, fitter you to continue right through the year, this nifty little device might just help give you the extra encouragement you need! The activity tracker from Polar can be your answer to a full-time personal trainer.

It’s technology keeps track of your activity all day long, breaking it down into five different intensity levels – resting, sitting, low, medium and high activity. For many of us office jobs mean remaining seated for a large chunk of the day – not the best of things for your health. To combat this the Loop can be used to send reminders to your phone of when you’ve been inactive for a while. Just the encouragement we need to get moving!

It’s low, medium and high activity levels allow the Loop to distinguish between a stroll, jogging and sprinting, making it really efficient in keeping track of your calorie burning. It’s also completely waterproof, so if you’re a swimmer you can monitor the power of your strokes.

Setting daily goals can make it easier to keep you’re fitness on track. If you input these goals into your Loop it can send you reminders of what more needs to be done to smash those targets. You can even break down goals for different paces of exercise – 60 minutes walking, 20 minutes running and so on.

Keep you’re activity tracker on even when you want to switch off and see if it’s restful or restless sleep you’re getting each night. If you want to go that extra mile in listening to what your body is telling you try attaching the Polar H7 heart rate monitor to your chest.

You can easily review your weekly or monthly progress by linking your device to the Polar Flow app or website. Take your pick from the three pretty shades: Misty Blue, Blackcurrant and Smoky Black.

Polar Loop: £84.50 RRP

Ace the art of redefining small eyes

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Large eyes add to the beauty of a face — but what of those who have been gifted by nature with small eyes? Makeup artist Aashmeen Munjaal and Aakriti Kochar, Beauty and Makeup Expert at Oriflame India, share some steps to redefine small eyes without any hassle.

Eyeliner on Top. Well, first and foremost, put eyeliner on the top lid. Make sure the eyeliner is thin and crisp and use a well defined eye liner brush to ensure it.

Groomed Eyebrows. It is all about groomed eyebrows. Keep your eyebrows up and groom it beautifully to make sure that your eyes stand out and look larger.

Play it Pale. Pale eye shadow can actually enhance the size and shape of your eyes. This tip for small eyes is all about putting pale eye shadow along your lid. It can really be any colour that you want, but make sure that it is pale.

Light Colours. Use light colours to brighten the eyes. This makeup tip makes your eyes appear super awake and alert without you having to try too hard.

Eye Shadow. If you are looking for a way to make your eyes really stand out, just swipe a bit of a dark coloured eye shadow along the outer corners of your eyes. That will really make them pop and you can even draw out the colour of your eyes.

Smudge it up. Another great tip for small eyes is to smudge your liner a little bit. This can be done on the upper and lower lids. Now, don’t make it look too smudgy, but just enough.

The Highlighter Trick. Use a highlighter in pearl white (soft sheen) on the arch of your eye brows and on the inner corner of the eyes (tear drop area) using a small brush. This brightens up the eyes and make them appear stronger and bigger.

Use the Curler. Curl your lashes using an eye lash curler, this will open up the eyes even more making them look bigger. Add lots of mascara, a thin top coat for volume and several coats from the bottom to add length which in return create the illusion of big eyes. Do not forget to mascara the lower lashline as well as this will add to the shape of the eyes even more.

This CREEPY self-nail art with long HAIR attachments is freaking everyone out!

Fashion is always evolving and what might be hot today may just be out tomorrow. But in the quest to be unique and quite hatke, sometimes fashionistas end up thinking way out of the box and come up with something not only weird but also downright outlandish and oddly disturbing. While we are still trying to get our heads straight around squiggle eyebrows and lips, here’s another eerie fashion invasion to baffle our minds.

Illusion artist Dain Yoon from South Korea unveiled new nail art on the virtual world — self-nail art. Wondering what’s that? Well, it’s where each of her nails were etched with her own face, and to make it perfect, she added long strands of hair as well! Imagine long black tresses hanging from the sides of your finger! Yes, perfectly drawn eyes, nose, eyebrows, red lips and jet black hair — they do resemble the artist, don’t they?! And to create a variety, there she’s posed in various expressions too!

Are you over-moisturising?

We reveal just how much product you really need…

When your skin is dry and dehydrated, it’s tempting to slather on a thick layer of cream. But you could be harming your skin and wasting your money. ‘On average, your skin can only absorb up to 60 per cent of what you use on it,’ says Hilery Dorrian, co-founder of Barefoot Botanicals. The excess is likely to sit on your skin, clog up your pores, affect your skin’s functions and cause breakouts.


Dehydrated skin will obviously absorb more moisture,’ says Dorrian. ‘Oily skin will still absorb product, but slightly less as the skin is not as thirsty.’ A heavy moisturiser can lead to blockages and cause your skin to over-produce oil. Rub a pea-sized amount of cream into your palms to warm it up before applying. This helps it spread and absorb easily into your skin. Exfoliation rids your skin of excess oils and dead skin cell buildup so that more moisture can be absorbed. Applying moisturiser to damp skin will make it go further and maximise absorption. The herbfarmacy Divine Light Organic Face Cream(£19.50, 50g; is a light moisturiser that’s perfect for oily skin.


The skin around your eyes is thinner than the rest of your face, and has fewer oil glands, so will absorb more moisture that’s applied to it. ‘Use a grain of rice size amount of eye cream, and apply gently, using your ring finger in a dabbing motion,’ says Dorrian. It’s important not to rub or tug the delicate skin around your eyes as this can contribute to premature ageing. Try the Yes To Blueberries Intensive Firming Eye Repair Cream (£14.99, 15ml; to improve skin elasticity.


Hop out of the bath and apply your body moisturiser within three minutes of towel drying to ensure maximum hydration. ‘Aim to leave no residue behind – rub in every last bit,’ says Dorrian. ‘Start with a 50p-size amount per limb and apply more as you need to.’ For a smooth finish, apply rich body butter to your legs after shaving and exfoliating. We love the Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream (£28, 200ml;


Are you addicted to lip balm? Over-application prevents the skin on your lips from producing its own oils. ‘Too much greasy product can also lead to small spots appearing around the lip area,’ warns Dorrian. ‘If you’re using a good quality, natural balm, a smaller than pea size amount is enough,’ she says. Opt for an organic salve such as the EOS Lip Balm (£6.50; with shea butter and vitamin Eand free from nasties.


‘It depends on how much hair you have, but a blob of shampoo the size of a 10p piece should be sufficient,’ says Dorrian. ‘Too much conditioner, on your roots can lead to greasy and limp hair so only apply to your dry ends.’

Guilt free beauty treats

These naughty ingredients are way better out than in!

If you’re on a health kick, streamlining your diet is the first step to reaching your goals. Out goes the caffeine, sugar, salt and carbs, and in comes the fresh fruit and veg, healthy fats, lean meat and wholegrains. Hey, it’s a good plan – but don’t ditch the naughty stuff altogether. Move it to your beauty cabinet instead!

Who’s the expert? Janey Lee Grace is a BBC Radio 2 presenter and a passionate representative and media spokesperson for the Organic and Natural Health world, and has been voted No1 personality in the 2014 Natural Beauty Yearbook. She recommends natural products and services at and is the author of five best-selling books on Natural Health.

Those nasties that do your body damage when you eat them could be a godsend for your beauty routine. ‘It’s a great idea to use food in your skincare as the live enzymes contained in foods can be therapeutic,’ says natural beauty expert and author Janey Lee Grace. ‘Don’t clean out your cupboards just yet!’

So, get ready to indulge your cravings in a very different way this month. Stock up on your favourite guilty treats to give your skin a taste of their super-secret beautifying components.

 MAYO: The hair mask

Mayonnaise, with its calorific combo of eggs, oil and sugar, is a fat bomb. But all those oils, plus tangy vinegar, do brilliant things for your hair, locking in shine and softness. Exposure to winter nasties can take its toll on hair health, so a weekly mask is a great way to nurture your locks. ‘Lather on some mayo and leave for 10 minutes before washing it through twice,’ tips Janey.

SALT: The foot smoother

On average, Brits eat about one and
a half teaspoons of salt a day – way above the recommended intake. Too much salt can raise blood pressure, leading to heart disease and strokes. Cut back on the shaker and leave those crunchy granules for your body. Put an end to foot odours by giving tootsies a daily salt bath. Sea salt is antibacterial and contains magnesium which helps improve nerve function, and potassium, which reduces water retention. ‘Add one to two cups of sea salt to a bowl of warm water and soak feet for 10 minutes,’ says Janey.

COFFEE: The cellulite blaster

Overdo the caffeine and you can throw your hormones out of kilter and send your stress levels soaring. Better redirect that espresso to your thighs instead! Coffee is often a key ingredient in cellulite-busting products because it has a tightening action on the skin. ‘Apply freshly cooled coffee grounds on a sponge and work around the affected areas in circular movements before rinsing,’ says Janey. This should instantly banish the appearance of those dreaded dimples.

SUGAR: The dry skin smoother

It’s no good if you’re battling stubborn pounds, but sugar can deliver some awesome results when applied topically. The sweet stuff’s small granules work as an excellent exfoliant, sloughing off dead skin and boosting cell turnover for healthy, smooth skin. ‘Mix a tablespoon of sugar with a little water and use to exfoliate all over your body,’ suggest Janey. For a more moisturising treat, add olive or coconut oil to your mix.

TEA: The skin soother

Too much builder’s brew can leave you wired, hookedon sugar and, annoyingly, with stained teeth. Give the cuppas a rest and use your tea bags to soothe your skin instead. Cut yourself shaving? Regular black tea contains tannins which help to slow down the bleeding while acting as a pain reliever. Steep a tea bag in warm water and once cooled, place on the affected area, leaving it for a few minutes to work its magic.

POTATOES: The eye brightener

Ah, spuds! We love deliciously salty,
crunchy crisps as much as the next girl, but nutritionally, they’re pretty lame. They’re often rich in trans fats and offer little but starch to keep you going. Raw potatoes, on the other hand, contain an enzyme called catecholase, which can help to banish eye bags. Your peepers are the first place to show the telltale signs of a hectic lifestyle as the area around the eye is really fragile.
‘A thin slice of peeled potato placed over
the eyes can really reduce puffiness,’ says Janey. ‘It feels cooling and soothing.’


Sugary, fatty chocolate won’t do your diet any favours, but it’s all good news for your skin. Dark chocolate, which is low in sugar and high on the cocoa scale, is an awesome source of anti-ageing antioxidants called flavonols. ‘Mix a large spoonful of raw chocolate powder with coconut oil and apply to your face for a really guilt-free, antioxidant facial treat,’ says Janey. Leave your mask on for 10 minutes to allow the nutrients to absorb then rinse and follow with moisturiser (or more coconut oil!).

Feed your face. Beautiful skin is only a few bites away with these complexion-loving munchies. Add them to your daily diet for an instant glow

BEETROOT This purple veg is a powerhouse of anti-ageing antioxidants that ward off free-radical damage.

MANGO Orange fruit like mangoes contains beta-carotene, which repairs skin cells.

SPINACH The green leafy veg helps to detoxify the liver – essential for a blemish-free complexion.

TOMATOES Cooking tomatoes releases the lycopene they contain, which can help to protect your skin against year-round sun damage. So cook up a tomatoey storm to protect skin.

NUTS Raw nuts are packed with essential fatty acids that keep skin looking radiant. Keep a bag in your desk drawer.

Be a natural beauty

Nourish and pamper your skin with organic skincare and supplements made from cannabis sativa

Looking for a natural way to look and feel your best? Carun manufactures high-quality skincare and supplements made from organic active hemp, extracted from Cannabis Sativa, famous for a host of healing properties.

Carun Active Hemp products are high in cannabinoids and terpenes – the beneficial compounds of cannabis – totally legal and without any psychoactive effects. The Cannabinoids in active hemp work by supporting the body’s own immune system and promote healing, balance and health. Carun products are made from the whole hemp plant, retaining the maximum therapeutic benefits of active hemp.

The products are also high in the antioxidant vitamin E, essential fatty acids Omega 6 and Omega 3, important proteins and amino acids, as well as being rich in fibre and vitamins A, B, B2, B3, B6, D and E.


Choose from these nourishing natural products for all your skincare needs.

Carun Active Hemp Skin Cream is perfect maintenance for your skin. It hydrates, nourishes and regenerates, effectively reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Carun Active Hemp All-Purpose Ointment treats dry, irritated skin, assists scar prevention and can also be used for grazes, burns and insect bites.

Carun Active Hemp Shower Gel is soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, protecting your skin in the bath or shower. The range also includes
• Hemp Shower Gel
• Hemp Seeds
• Hemp Soap
• Hemp Loose Leaf Tea
• Hemp Bio Syrup
• Hemp Pasta
• Hemp Body Oil
• Hemp Intimate Hygiene
• Mouth WashBody & Skin Oil to massage into the skin after a bath or shower.

Carun Active Hemp Intimate Hygiene Gel for women is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and maintains the body’s natural PH. It is non-allergic and non-irritating so can be safely used during menstruation and pregnancy.

Carun Active Hemp skincare products have been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of conditions such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and sores.


Nourish your health from the inside with Carun’s range of nutritional products.

Carun Active Hemp Oil is know to help digestive disorders, IBS, anxiety and helps to maintain a healthy heart. Perfect as a dressing for salads you can also take a teaspoon a day for maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

 Carun Organic Peeled Active Hemp Seeds offer high levels of protein and beneficial plant sterols that are vital to the human body.  Their essential fatty acids help maintain healthy cellular activity. Carun Active Hemp seeds also help maintain a healthy hormonal balance so promote healthy skin, hair and nails. Active Hemp seeds also assist healthy lactation for nursing mothers and can increase the amount of gamma-linolenic acid in breast milk.

Carun Active Hemp Bio Syrup helps respiratory problems, coughs, colds, indigestion or weakened immunity. It can also help mitigate physical or mental fatigue, enhancing performance and offer a positive impact to the immune system.

For extra vitamin C try Carun Active Hemp Bio Syrup with Sea Buckthorn. Sea buckthorn contains 10 times more vitamin C than oranges and has been taken by astronauts as a necessary vitamin supplement. It’s suitable for adults, children and diabetics.

Mainstream is boring: After squiggle brows, it’s time for wavy lips

Wavy Lips

Last month, we were introduced to one of the weirdest eyebrow trends, the squiggle brows. Beauty enthusiasts were immediately taken with it, sharing photos of their unique but hilarious creations on Instagram. But as expected, it was just another flash-in-the-pan viral sensations which made us squirm. As if things were not bad enough, a few weeks later, we came across an equally bizarre and intricate squiggle phenomenon taking over social media. This time it travelled down south and landed on the lips.

We first caught wind of the trend when beauty YouTuber Lexington, who goes by the name of ‘looks_by_lexington’ shared a photo on her page as a light-hearted joke. The caption read, “New trend alert!!!1!!1! Wavy Lips… ???? or ????? Obviously this is MAKEUP and NOT FaceTune, any haterz will be #BLOKT (update – issa joke).”

It doesn’t matter even if the experiment was a part of a joke and the photo was clearly photoshopped because bravehearts lapped it up happily and started sharing their own versions of the wavy lips. A few of these designs by make-up artists and beauty bloggers are actually interesting with them using bright lip shades, liners and concealer to pull it off. Needless to say, it requires a lot of effort!

Easy ways to get rid of dark circles

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Make-up and concealer can help solve the problem of dark circles, but the problem needs to be tackled at the root. A regular skin and health care programme needs to be followed, say experts.

Prabhu Mishra, CEO and President, StemGenn Therapeutics, and Bhavuk Mittal, Consultant Dermatology, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad, list some easy ways to help you get rid of dark circles.

* Keep yourself well hydrated: It is important to flush out toxins from your body. One way of doing this is to drink plenty of water. Start with at least 6-8 glasses.

* Stick to a healthy, balanced diet: Cut out junk food. They are often laden with preservatives which could give you sallow skin and dark circles. Eat plenty of seasonal fruits, vegetables and salads. Citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, kiwis and melons have a high Vitamin C content. Include them in your diet to avoid dark circles.

* Get enough sleep: Youngsters are known to be night birds – often studying late at night or partying into the early hours of the morning. Whatever you do, make sure you get 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep.

* Kick the butt, avoid alcohol: People who party hard, smoke excessively and have more than a few pegs a week often end up with dark circles. Smoking and drinking is bad for your skin. Kick the butt. Settle for a healthy lifestyle with enough recreation.

* Follow a skincare regimen: If you want to avoid dark circles, follow a good skin care regimen and be gentle with your skin. After removing eye make-up, massage the area around the eye with almond oil or a good Vitamin E cream or serum. Always use a sun screen when stepping out in the sun.

* Use lightening cream: Despite all these precautions, you might still get dark circles. Sometimes it is genetic. Others could get dark circles because of an allergy. Check for allergies. Avoid the allergan. Take an antihistamine. It will help clear up the dark circles.

* Retinoids can help: Retinoids can stimulate the production of collagen. Regular use of a retinol cream will make the under eye skin less thin and reduce dark circles.

* Apply cucumber/potato/tomato juice: Cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, are excellent solutions for getting rid of dark circles as they have skin-lightening properties. All you need to do is to apply a teaspoon of juice under your eyes; let it remain for 10 minutes and wash it off with cold water. Repeat the remedy twice a day to get rid of dark circles.

* Use cold tea bags: Another simple home remedy is using a cold tea bag. Soak a tea bag preferably a green tea bag in water. Keep it in the refrigerator for a while. Place the chilled tea bag over your eyes. Use this remedy regularly to get results.

* Go for laser treatment: But if none of this works, you can go for laser treatment. The treatment goes beyond circles as it also tightens, smoothens and removes wrinkles under the eyes.

Add a fusion twist to your handloom garment

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Handloom fabrics are usually associated with traditional wear like saris and kurtas, but you can give it a western look with an artistic approach, say experts.

Designers Amit Sachdeva and Archana Kochhar have listed tips on how to westernise handloom garments:

* Ways to westernise handloom fabrics are by drapes which are contemporary and edgy, making them perfect examples of a fusion look.

* Streamline prints and block printing is also another way to westernise this fabric. Western silhouettes look and fit beautifully with handloom fabrics.

* The silhouettes are also very important. But one has to keep in mind that the real essence of the handloom craft is not overpowered by the silhouette.

* Embellishing the garment also helps at times to give it a western touch. Again, minimalist is very important to be kept in mind here.

* Sometimes clubbing and fusing a handloom separate with a western one also changes the look. A separate can specially be designed to be teamed up with a western coordinate.

* The choice of colour combination used in the entire garment adds a lot to its westernised look. For example, a pastel or a white colour story will obviously look more western compared to a jewel tone.

* It also depends on the way you accessorise the look. The handbag, footwear and jewellery add that punch in completing the western look.