Shoes Made in EU launches online course

Shoes Made in EU launches online course

The European project aiming at boosting the Vocational Education and Training (VET) in shoemaking in Europe through the upgrading of a European qualification profile in footwear manufacturing, is about to launch its new free access online course
The European footwear sector is a strong and dynamic industry, with footwear exports having increased by 40% in quantity and 90% in value in the last 7 years. Yet the sector continues facing a shortage of skilled workers and lack of robust educational and training programmes for footwear manufacturers in some geographical areas where industry is present.
To address this problem and help maintain Europe’s strong position in footwear manufacturing, the European Confederation of the Footwear Industry (CEC) and other European partners developed the EU funded project Shoes Made in EU, which provides an updated profile and training programme for current and aspiring shoemakers to obtain the necessary skills to make them successfully employable and enjoy a career in a sector which needs to retain and upgrade innovative skills and know-how. Project partners have recently launched the online training course, covering all the phases of footwear manufacturing as well as a comprehensive array of topics related to the industry and the experience of working in the sector. The course, displayed in a dynamic online platform, includes presentations, videos, exercises and self-evaluation tests. On 25 September 2017, the European Confederation of the Footwear Industry held a Multiplier Event in Brussels to present the online platform and the 14 units and to demonstrate the relevance of the Footwear Manufacturing Technician in today’s footwear industry.
The training model is an adaptation and upgrade of existing training models in Portugal and Germany. Furthermore, the course respects the principles of EQF (European Qualifications Framework) and ECVET (European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training), which will facilitate the integration in the different education and training systems at European level, and therefore will support the mobility of footwear workers in the EU and increase their employability.
To increase the reach and accessibility of the course, the material will be also available in Italian, Portuguese, German, French, and Polish (besides EN). This specialised online footwear training course will be particularly useful for companies in countries and regions with a low Vocational Education and Training offer, as is the case in Poland. Poland will be the first country to integrate this profile and curriculum, but the partners of “Shoes Made in EU” will also promote the Shoemaker model at European level to facilitate its adoption in other European countries and meet the sector´s need for multi-skilled, versatile, and highly professional footwear manufacturers.

UBM changes its New York trade event calendar

UBM changes its New York trade event calendar

In partnership with Accessories Council, UBM Fashion is making two key changes in the New York tradeshow lineup. They aim to create new and more efficient business opportunities for both brands and retailers, mirroring underlying trends in fashion and retail
“As the global leader in fashion tradeshows, UBM Fashion has been seeing firsthand the dramatic changes in the retail landscape.  From the growth of e-commerce and fast fashion and changes in consumer buying patterns to the importance of delivering lifestyles and experiences – we at UBM Fashion realized there was an opportunity, in fact a duty, to make real changes for our industry.”
UBM has re-thought the New York fashion trade event calendar for 2018, and announced that it is creating a women’s New York fashion tradeshow calendar that aligns with the evolution of New York Fashion and Market weeks. Building on the importance of the women’s Spring and Fall fashion weeks, UBM Fashion will introduce an additional June pre-collections show. 
Second, UBM Fashion is unifying the men’s and women’s contemporary apparel, accessories and footwear communities, creating the first dual-gender fashion tradeshow in New York. In a period when so many companies serve both men’s and women’s markets, creating one inspiring, unified market enables brands and retailers to connect, discover new resources and grow their businesses more effectively and efficiently than ever before.  UBM Fashion’s dual-gender New York market will launch in July 2018, with PROJECT as its marquee show for both men’s and women’s lines.

Kenya wants to scrap import duty on raw leather

Kenya wants to scrap import duty on raw leather

With this measure the Kenyan authorities aim to increase the supply of raw materials to the local footwear and other finished leather industries.

The Ministry of Industry is in discussions with its counterparts in the government and said the idea is to eliminate the import duty on raw hides and skins by middle 2018.

By promoting the development of more value-added activities in the country, the leather industry will position itself globally to be more competitive.

According to the Ministry of Industry, the vast majority of hides and skins produced in Kenya are exported in unprocessed or semi-processed forms, which results in a missed opportunity to export finished leather products and footwear, and increasing earnings. Kenya already has a high duty on exports of raw leather to try contradicting this movement. Removing or decreasing duties on imports of raw leather will be another incentive to the local industry of finished leather goods.

Good performance for leather footwear in Bangladesh

Good performance for leather footwear in Bangladesh

According to the local Leathergoods and Footwear Association, the leather industry as a whole closed the first quarter achieving 99% of the exports target for the period. Leather footwear surpassed its target
According to the Leathergoods & Footwear Manufacturers & Exports Association of Bangladesh, the leather industry in Bangladesh closed its first quarter of the new fiscal year (July-September), with exports earnings just slightly below the strategic target for the period (99%). It had been set a 328.11 million US dollars earnings goal for the first quarter, but the industry achieved an export earnings of 324.62 million US dollars.

Total earnings from exports of the leather segment reached 47 million US dollars in the period, which compares to 57 million US dollars established as target for the first quarter. A decline was also registered compared to similar period in the previous year.

Exports of leather goods also missed the target, as earnings from sales abroad within this segment of products reached 111 million US dollars, below the 128 set for the period.

With a different performance is the leather footwear segment, continuing with the a positive growth trend, and totaling earnings from exports of 166 million USD dollar, 17% above the target for the period (142 million US dollars).

First Lady Melania Trump called a Barbie for wearing heels to disaster zone

THE First Lady is being mocked for wearing stilettos as she visited a disaster zone in Texas, with some even calling her a Barbie.

Melania Trump left the White House alongside President Donald Trump wearing tailored capri pants and an army green bomber jacket. It sounds like an appropriate get up to address the aftermath of super storm Harvey, but the sky-high stiletto pumps she paired with the outfit may have not been the most practical fashion choice.

US First Lady Melania Trump wore heals to a disaster zone. Picture: AFP/Nicholas Kamm

US First Lady Melania Trump wore heals to a disaster zone. Picture: AFP/Nicholas KammSource:AFP

President Donald Trump, accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump, who was called a Barbie for wearing heels. Picture: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

President Donald Trump, accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump, who was called a Barbie for wearing heels. Picture: AP Photo/Jacquelyn MartinSource:AP

“Melania over here looking like Flood Watch Barbie,” writer Maria Del Russo tweeted.

Television writer-producer Brad Wollack quipped: “Help is on the way, Texas! Don’t worry, Melania has her special storm stilettos.”

Added comedian Jessica Kirson: “Brilliant idea @FLOTUS. You can pick up debris with your heels.”

Others teased she was “pulling up the straps of her stilettos” to lend a helping hand.

Mr Trump’s outfit was more in line with what politicians normally wear to visit weary survivors of deadly natural disasters: a black hooded rain jacket, khaki trousers and brown boots.

Texas is reeling from monster storm Harvey, which has devastated coastal communities and left large parts of Houston — America’s fourth largest city — underwater.

Tens of thousands of people are packed into overcrowded shelters as authorities continue to pluck victims from rooftops.

The first lady changed into something a bit more disaster-appropriate on the flight to the hard-hit coastal city of Corpus Christi — the Trumps’ first stop in Texas.

President Donald Trump, accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump, who was mocked for her footwear. Picture: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Donald Trump, accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump, who was mocked for her footwear. Picture: AP Photo/Evan VucciSource:AP

She stepped off Air Force One wearing black trousers and a white button up shirt, trading the stilettos for white tennis shoes.

She also wore a black baseball cap that read “FLOTUS,” or the abbreviation for First Lady of the United States, setting off another round of Melania-bashing on Twitter.

At day’s end, the First Lady issued a statement hailing the “strength and resilience” of Texans.

“I want to be able to offer my help and support in the most productive way possible, not through just words, but also action,” she said.

Boots that left swastika prints have been pulled from sale by US company Conal International Trading

A CALIFORNIA-BASED footwear company has recalled a model of military-style boots after a customer pointed out the soles leave swastika imprints.

Conal International Trading Inc. pulled the Polar Fox boots and issued an apology after a Reddit user posted an image of the imprint that went viral.

“We would like to issue our sincerest apologies to our customers and to anyone who was offended by the swastika imprint that the boots left behind,” the company said in a statement.

“The design was not intentional and was a mistake made by our manufacturers in China.”

The company added that it “does not promote hate or discrimination of any kind.”

Boots whose soles left swastika prints have been pulled from sale. Picture: Reddit

Boots whose soles left swastika prints have been pulled from sale. Picture: RedditSource:Supplied

The man behind the picture posted on Reddit wrote in a caption: “There was an angle I didn’t get to see when ordering my new work boots.”

His photo, viewed more than three million times, prompted a flurry of snarky comments.

“Very comfortable. Nein out of ten,” one person wrote.

“I love them too, they really put me in mein kampfort zone,” another wrote, while a third said “Heily recommended.”

Another person quipped: “Good for marching into Poland.”

The military combat boots were sold on Amazon, which has removed the listing.

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League said in a statement that it had contacted the footwear company after learning about the boots and was informed that they were manufactured in Asia, “a culture which views the swastika as a Buddhist symbol.”

The boots were for sale on Amazon, but have been withdrawn. Picture: Amazon

The boots were for sale on Amazon, but have been withdrawn. Picture: AmazonSource:Supplied

In the ancient Sanskrit language, the swastika means “wellbeing” and was used as a symbol of good fortune before it was adopted by the Nazis.

“The League reiterated to the company that the swastika serves as the most significant symbol of white supremacy and anti-Semitism, and whether intentional or not, the use of the symbol on the boot is deeply offensive,” the statement said.

Many have also pointed out another apparently unintended association with Nazi Germany: The boots share a name with a World War II military operation — Polarfuchs, or Polar Fox — in which German and Finnish soldiers captured the Salla area of central Finland from the Soviets.

Nike threatened by ‘crazy’ adidas resurgence

FOR the first time in their modern rivalry, Nike has reason to fear adidas.

When it comes to footwear, the swooping tick has always been untouchable, but dramatic sales figures released by a market research company in the United States means Nike is looking over its shoulder.

The NPD Group’s August athletic footwear data report released on Tuesday (AEST) shows adidas has jumped Nike’s Jordan “Jumpman” brand to be the No. 2 brand in athletic shoe sales in the United States.

The resurgence of adidas is nothing surprising for footwear market experts, but the speed at which adidas has rolled over the Jordan brand has shocked them.

NPD sports industry guru Matt Powell says the shake-up of the industry is both the result of adidas nailing its recent releases to give customers exactly what they want while the Jordan brand took a major hit as demand for basketball retro continues to decline.

“It came faster than I expected. I thought it wouldn’t happen until next year,” Powell told Benzinga.

“They (adidas) are really customer centric. They are making products that the kids want to buy.

“Nike let the Jordan business get overheated, which slowed down the liquidations. The sentiment on Twitter is that Jordan is not cool anymore, which is overblown. But there is no question that retro Jordans (are) not selling out immediately like they used to.”

Jordan sneakers, styled and made famous by NBA legend Michael Jordan, make up half of Nike’s total sales of basketball shoes in America, making it a giant player in Nike’s fleet of high-profile shoe brands.

However, in the space of 18 months, Jordan’s retro kicks have gone from being the second biggest player — on their own — in the US footwear market to playing second fiddle to a brand it was doubling in sales just 24 months ago.

It is a huge hit to Nike’s reputation and bank balance.

In 18 months, adidas has almost doubled its share of the $2.33 billion ($US1.86 billion) athletic footwear market in the United States.

The company’s rise has come at Nike’s expense.

Kanye West Adidas Yeezy Boot has not been a significant contributor to adidas’ surge.

Kanye West Adidas Yeezy Boot has not been a significant contributor to adidas’ surge.Source:Supplied

In May 2016, a NPD market analysis showed adidas’ total sales for athletic shoes made up just 6.7 per cent of the total market. At the same time Nike’s Jordan brand alone accounted for 11.8 per cent of the total market.

The NPD report shows that in the past 12 months the German apparel giant has exploded to now make up 13 per cent of the athletic footwear market on the back of an increase in total sales of almost 50 per cent from the previous 12 months.

At the same time the Jordan brand lost almost one third of its annual sales as the American basketball sneaker industry also took a hit of more than 20 per cent of annual sales from the previous financial year.

As the basketball shoe market dropped 20 per cent, adidas’ basketball production achieved an increase in total sales of more than 40 per cent.

NBA star James Harden is the highest profile adidas athlete in the NBA.

NBA star James Harden is the highest profile adidas athlete in the NBA.Source:AFP

It’s the first time in more than 30 years Nike has not owned the top two shoe brands in the United States and a situation many experts didn’t think Nike would ever have to confront.

The crashing sales of Jordan brand shoes is a big concern for Nike, but the bigger picture is even scarier.

The same reports show Nike’s fleet of shoe brands has been slashed from a 60 per cent share of the market in 2014 to just 44 per cent of the total sneaker market, according to the report released by NPD.

While Nike’s total market hold remains imposing, the storm clouds are gathering.

Quartz fashion industry expert Marc Bain has reported Nike has every reason to be worried about the momentum adidas is gaining.

He says adidas deserves plenty of credit for leading the industry in the past 18 months in both design and technological advancement.

For the first time in more than a decade, Nike did not have the top-selling sneaker in America last year — adidas stole top spot with it’s re-fashioned “originals” retro superstar.

The new line of NMD adidas sneakers released this year has also surged in popularity.

Bain reports adidas has been setting the agenda in sneaker technology, with its new Boost soles and exclusive springy technology meeting market demands.

NBA MVP Russell Westbrook last week signed the richest shoe deal in the history of Nike’s Jordan brand.

NBA MVP Russell Westbrook last week signed the richest shoe deal in the history of Nike’s Jordan brand.Source:Getty Images

This is widely reported to be the area where Nike has dropped the ball.

As adidas has driven technological advancement, Nike has been accused of trotting out the same sneakers year-on-year, especially in its Jordan brand division where its retro Jordans are losing their edge and the interest of a market which has been moving away from basketball shoes towards other forms of streetwear.

Market analysts predict Nike’s title as the top dog in sneakers is safe at least for now, but the threat to their throne is real if the company doesn’t get its house in order.

“Nike has dominated the sneaker world for so many years that it has come to seem invincible, particularly in the US, its home turf and the world’s biggest sneaker market,” Bain wrote recently.

“Lately, though, some holes have started to open up in Nike’s armour. For the first time in ages, Nike’s iron grip on the sneaker world is visibly slipping.”

With shoes this cool, back-to-school just got so much better Read more at

Resized_MC_Primigi 17-18-3

Step up their style for the new term…

Where did summer go? It’s already time to pack away the beach gear and get set for a fresh new school year. Dispel the gloom with fun new pencil cases, backpacks, notebooks, and a fresh back-to-school wardrobe. Which has to include – best of all – a pair of shiny, brand new shoes.

Step forward, Primigi: our go-to brand of choice for fashion-forward children’s footwear that’s ideal for term time.

The top Italian fashion brand has specialised in quality and high performance children’s shoes for over forty years. Prepare yourself for serious shoe envy – the timeless designs and on-trend styling will have you wishing they made matching grown-up pairs.

Take these girls’ school shoes… the sleek strap and glossy leather detailing guarantee instant playground status, while the cushioned soles will keep her feet comfy and well protected all day long, whether teamed with long socks or black winter tights.

Boys also have a great range to choose from, like this sturdy pair in soft but durable leather, with loads of cushioning for breaktime footie, plus double-strap detailing for maximum support. We can see Prince George rocking these, teamed with his trademark long socks/shorts combo…
And it’s not just school shoes – Primigi’s fabulous new-season collection includes trainers, boots and sandals, too. Your Mini-Me’s weekend is sorted with these adorable glittery trainers – perfect for parties too.

The children’s shoe experts at Primigi also understand that shoe shopping isn’t always a dream outing. Pre-empt the tantrums by downloading a conversion chart from the Primigi website. That way you can select the right size for your child and browse online rather than schlepping round the shops. Yet another reason in-the-know mums love the brand.

School shoes: officially sorted.


Ellen DeGeneres Adds Footwear to Her ED Lifestyle Brand

ED shoes

Ellen DeGeneres’ lifestyle brand is rapidly growing, this time adding a footwear option to its selection of wares. Degeneres’ ED has inked a deal with the Camuto Group, which will have the brand selling shoes and sneakers come springtime.

DeGeneres’ line already comes with easy wardrobe staples – T-shirts, button downs, jackets and the like, all very classically American with an ED twist. DeGeneres recently launched a pop-up home shop in Bergdorf Goodman, which will run until September 22. But if you can’t wait to get your hands (or feet) on ED’s footwear, a capsule collection is available on the Bergdorf Goodman website until September 30. Take your pick of a few shoe styles, including sneakers, Chelsea boots, oxfords and pumps, which aren’t what you would call cheap. Sneakers and oxfords boast the lowest price point at $200 a pop, while the boots go for $250 and pumps for $230.

“I am so excited for my brand to partner with the Camuto Group. They say you have to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to really know how they feel. Well, now you can literally walk a mile in my shoes, or even further if you choose,” DeGeneres told WWD.

Katy Perry’s New Footwear Line Is as Fun and Quirky as You’d Expect

When we think Katy Perry, we think bold personality, cute little kitties, anthropomorphic cupcakes and prismatic wigs. Which is why we were unsurprised to see that the pop princess’ new shoe line, made in partnership with Hong-Kong-based Global Brands Group, looks like a pair of Rochas heels married some Jeremy Scott jellies and reproduced (like) bunnies. And we mean that in a good way.

This is only the first of many creative projects we can expect from the Covergirl and Coty collaborator and Global Brands Group, whose business relationship will extend over the next several years. “This is an actual business for me; it’s different from some of my other things that are more endorsements. This is a real creation, a 50-50 deal. I’m not doing it because of anything other than it’s my baby and I need someone to help me distribute it across the world. I trust Global and I need their expertise, so it’s going to be one of those things that in the long run will hopefully pay off. I just have to pay attention every step of the way and learn a lot and apply it,” she told WWD. In other words, an accessories and even apparel line may be in our future.


But we digress. The eye candy-filled first collection from Katy Perry Footwear features a slew of sandals, sneakers, stilettos and pumps in materials from lucite to vinyl and bold prints ranging from metallics to florals. To top it off, the shoes are affordably priced between $59 and $299 (“I didn’t grow up with any money and I was always getting by by the skin of my teeth, so affordable is just ingrained in me,” the singer explained).


As noted, much of the more than 60-piece Spring 2017 collection, which was in part inspired by Perry’s considerable travels, touts the singer’s quirky, costumey style. Picture Cuban cigar-shaped stilettos, Grecian sandals embellished with beady evil eyes, green mesh shooties decorated in dollar signs, bunny-eared flats complete with bushy tails…you get the idea.

“I have a two-car garage full of shoes and my dream is to bring personality shoes to the marketplace at an affordable price for women [ages] 16 to 40 or beyond,” says the newly minted shoe designer, who credits originals like Charlotte Olympia, Sophia Webster and Kurt Geiger for her inspiration (and many of the occupants of said garage).

Get a glimpse of the first-ever Katy Perry Footwear ad campaign below (it debuts in full in January) and set aside $300 now for your own pair of statement-making heels, coming this spring.