Ivanka Trump moves jewelry line downscale

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Ivanka Trump may be known for her high-end image, but her jewelry line is about to go a little more downscale.

The presidential daughter plans to stop offering fine jewelry and focus on stylish but cheaper baubles instead, it was announced.

“As part of our company’s commitment to offering solution-oriented products at accessible price points, we have decided to discontinue the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry collection,” said Abigail Klem, president of the Ivanka Trump brand.

Instead, she said in a statement Monday that the line will be “focusing our efforts on existing and new categories that are most relevant to our loyal customers — including fashion jewelry, which successfully launched last fall with price points that are aligned with the rest of our collection.”

That apparently means items like the $58 rhodium-plated white metal hinged braceletor the $128 zinc multi-row chain necklace that were linked from Ivanka Trump’s fashion website to the Lord & Taylor site.

No reason was given for the change, but the privately-owned brand appears to have been seeing a big surge in interest since it was propelled into the headlines by President Trump’s tweeting and an aide’s TV appearance in which she promoted it.

Last week, fashion search engine Lyst said the Ivanka Trump brand rose to 11th place in February when the controversy brewed, based on the number of items sold. The previous month, even when Ivanka Trump was prominent at the presidential inaugural and other events, her brand ranked in 550th place.

Klem said that the brand saw some of its best sale weeks last month, though no figures were disclosed. The brand’s publicity swoon began Feb. 2 when Nordstrom said it would no longer Ivanka Trump-branded products and President Trump complained in a tweet that Nordstrom was being unfair.

Then aide Kellyanne Conway went on Fox News’ Fox and Friends talk show and urged viewed to snap up Ivanka Trump products. The endorsement was apparently effective, though it drew a rebuke from the government’s top ethics official.

International jewellery expo to be held in KL hotel

WORLD-renowned jewellery houses will be “blinging” their finest pieces to Kuala Lumpur as UBM Allworld Group flagship.

Jewellery Arabia will debut in South-East Asia under the new brand Jewellery Asia.

The high profile international event, which has showcased in the Middle-East for 25 years, will be held for the first time at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, starting tomorrow until Thursday, featuring some of Asia, Oceania and Europe’s finest jewellery brands.

image: http://www.thestar.com.my/~/media/online/2017/09/03/20/38/metd_az_0409_pg5_prjewel030917_aziah_1.ashx?h=420&w=280&la=en

A stunning tourmaline ring from Aenea will be among the pieces at Jewellery Asia 2017.

A stunning tourmaline ring from Aenea will be among the pieces at Jewellery Asia 2017.

Notable brands that will debut their most outstanding collections as well as limited-edition pieces to the Asian market include Aenea Jewellery (Austria), Bhansali Beverly Hills (USA), Etho Maria (Greece), Hazoorilal Jewellers (India), Joelle Savransky (Belgium), Mia Moon Jewellers (Bahrain), Roz Diamond (Turkey), Renee Jewellers (UAE) and Studio Reves (India).

Joining the international brands is a selection of leading Malaysian jewellers, offering sophisticated and high-fashion collections.

This will be an ideal opportunity for jewellery aficionados to peruse brilliant gems and bespoke jewellery.

Jewellery Asia 2017 is organised by UBM MES, a member of the UBM Allworld Group, the world’s largest pure-play B2B Events

Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/metro/community/2017/09/04/international-jewellery-expo-to-be-held-in-kl-hotel/#oqtlyrb2IMs3kXYQ.99

Appeal of Niku’s Jewellery

Niku’s jewellery, most are made from brass and aluminium.  PHOTO | COURTESY

Niku Singh, a Kenyan designer, has sold his jewellery in the USA, Singapore and London, but his humble and soft-spoken nature can easily disguise his wealth of experience.

His bold and unique jewellery made from brass and aluminium has won him a spot in the Kenya Fashion Awards and he is currently creating a collection that will be showcased at the event that is considered one of the biggest in the fashion calendar.

His new collection has many different unique elements than his previous work.

“The collection will include a lot of beadwork, aluminium, brass and detailed with precious stones,’’ Niku says.

He says he has decided to incorporate beadwork into his designs to give it the African touch, since most of his jewellery have in the past been misconstrued to not being from Africa.

The ever-growing appeal for his jewellery is the matte finishing.

He points out that most jewellery pieces in the market are mostly chrome and not many people like shiny.

Inside his studio in Nairobi, an elaborate half-length neck-piece chocker made out of brass and small precious stones going all the way to a person’s waist sits immaculately on a mannequin in its beautiful splendour. And the unique aspect of his big jewellery they are not as heavy as they may look.

“I just finished making that, it took me close to a month just creating it. I haven’t figured out how I would price it though,” he says.

Price range

Most of his pieces range from Sh3,000 to Sh250,000 depending on the design, work involved and the material and this include earrings, bracelets and neck-pieces.

Although Niku’s jewellery is mostly bold, he also has other collections for the conservative souls. These include the Chic collection which are simpler, Sensational collection, Elite and the bold Collection.

He says most of his best pieces were a mistake at first because he does not have a mantra that he follows to get inspiration.

“Some of my best pieces started out as a mistake. I make the mistake looks good and I continue making the mistake. I don’t work on inspiration, what I usually do is place the material I am going to work with in front of me and then start making, whatever I end up with will be a creation. No sketch, no plan just create,” he says.

The jewellery pieces, he says, already have a personality and a person has to bring in the character to match it. And the perfect wearer is a powerful woman who knows that she in control.


In My Jewellery Box: Colette

Mexican-French jewellery designer Colette Steckel grew up in Paris and Mexico City, where she became fascinated by the geodes that her entrepreneur father would bring home, making jewellery out of their crystals which she’d string on to copper wire taken from the telephone cable. As a teenager she made and sold hair accessories from ribbons and Swarovski crystals, before moving on to jewellery made from gold and semi-precious stones such as tanzanite and apatite, all inspired by leaves.

Now based in LA but with every piece made in her atelier in Mexico City, Colette’s designs still take inspiration from the natural world. Her collections feature flowers, thorns, birds and butterflies, given a contemporary update with a slight edge, thanks to her use of black diamonds and black gold. Chokers, ear cuffs and handpieces are all designed with the strong, modern woman in mind.

With an enviable watch collection and a jewellery box full of antique treasures, Colette shares her most precious pieces.

Cartier Baignoire watch

Cartier Baignoire watch
Cartier Baignoire watch

This was a present from the love of my life, my husband Adrian, five years ago for our 15-year anniversary. We were in my favorite city in the world, Paris, having dinner at our favorite restaurant, Apicius. For dessert the dome was lifted, and to my surprise the plate did not have cake on it but instead this beautiful watch. I will remember that moment forever!

I’m big into watches, I have around 60 of them – a lot of Cartier, but also Audemars Piguet, Rolex… Cartier is a brand that I really adore. I see their watches as jewellery. I love this watch in particular because I have very tiny wrists and it covers the whole of it. The shape of it is just perfect.

It’s coming up to our 20th wedding anniversary and I know what I’m going to get – something that moves, a car. I said I also want something that will last forever that we can give to our children, so we’ll also get a little something that can be engraved.

Diamonds by the yard necklace

During World War II my great-grandmother and her family had to escape France for Mexico. They couldn’t take much with them, so they took as much gold and diamonds as they could carry. My great-grandmother filled up a little pouch with loose diamonds, which she later gave to my grandmother when she got married. She told her, hold this close to you because you never know when you might need them.

My grandmother never did anything with the diamonds but she and I were very close – she adored me and she spoiled me a lot. When I was about 16 she told me that she was going to keep this pouch of diamonds in the safe for me. I didn’t really think about it, or have the means to do anything with them, but much later I decided to put them into this platinum necklace in the ‘diamonds by the yard’ style. Mainly because I thought I’m not going to keep them in a little pouch, I’ll end up losing them!

It’s a simple design that I can wear with anything – dress it up or dress it down. It’s very long so I like to wrap it around my neck and layer it. I even wear it sleeping – my family always joke that that’s how I’m going to die, choked by a diamond necklace! I just love the history and the message behind it: keep your diamonds close to you because you never know.

Moon pendant

Colette moonstone, pearl and diamond Moon pendant
Colette moonstone, pearl and diamond Moon pendant

I’ve always been somebody who stares at the moon. It helps me to find peace of mind. Whenever I feel lonely or I have something I need to figure out I’ll just look at the moon, it calms me down and guides me. So I wanted to create a pendant that represented swinging on the moon.

I included all my favourite stones that I love – diamonds, pearls and moonstones – and made it in black gold to give the piece more of an edge. I love moonstones because of the way they reflect light and the saturation of colours when they move – it’s incredible. This pendant is part of my signature collection, Galaxia, and is my all-time favourite Colette piece.

Diamond secret watch

Diamond secret watch
Diamond secret watch

This belonged to my grandmother, who had it custom-made in London. She was very into jewellery and she had a lot of beautiful pieces that were custom-made. She was married three times and this one came from her second husband. Like me, she had very skinny wrists so everything of hers fits me very well.

She was also like me in that she was unattached to things, so whenever I went to her house she would give me something, whether a book, a piece of jewellery or whatever. She gave my brother money and other things but the jewellery always went to me. So I have a lot of beautiful pieces from her but this is one of my favourites. She gave it to me when I was 18.

The middle opens up and there is a little watch inside. I have quite a hard time getting it open but the watch still works. It holds a special place in my heart because I used to watch my grandmother put this on, and I was always asking her if I could open it to see the watch. I’ve been fascinated with watches since I was a kid – she gave me another one, not an expensive one, that I completely took apart to see the inner mechanisms. I wear this one as a bracelet and I love it, I’ve even designed a collection around it.

Great-grandmother’s diamond ring

Antique diamond ring
Antique diamond ring

During the Mexican revolution people used to hide their belongings in the most random places because otherwise everything would be destroyed. The ring belonged to my great grandmother. Behind her closet she had a fake wall built where she stored all of her most precious jewelry and valuables. This particular ring is very special because it meant so much to her, to her daughter, and to my mother, who passed it on to me about 18 years ago.

It’s one of my favourite pieces and I wear it all the time. I love the way the diamonds are cut and the colour of the gold, kind of a mix between pink and yellow gold. It’s very very old and my grandmother used to wear it all the time too, I had to redo the shank because it was so thin. I was inspired by this ring to create a range using all different coloured diamonds and gemstones and they were hugely successful. I think I’ll probably die with this ring on my finger!

The ultimate engagement ring guide

For the extravagant bride: Harry Winston

One Harry Winston diamond is good, but seven are even better. That’s the magic number in the brand’s new Pear Shaped Cluster ring, which sees a beautiful pear-cut central diamond surrounded on each side by three smaller, but no less sparkling, stones.

The ring is a new addition to Harry Winston’s Cluster collection, which was designed by the ‘king of diamonds’ in the 1940s and inspired by a snow-dusted holly wreath. While the diamonds are arranged at seemingly random angles, they are in fact meticulously positioned so that the light reflects at just the right angle, while platinum is kept to a minimum in order to allow light to flood into, around and out of the stones. The result? Maximum brilliance and sparkle, for brides who want their ring noticed from the other side of the street

For the alternative bride: Ruth Tomlinson

Asymmetric champagne diamond ring with granules, £6,400, Ruth Tomlinson
Asymmetric champagne diamond ring with granules, £6,400, Ruth Tomlinson

London-based jewellery designer Ruth Tomlinson’s designs are instantly recognisable and intensely coveted by a certain breed of jewellery aficionados whose tastes are slightly left of centre. Her organic Encrustrations pieces, which see gemstones arranged seemingly at random between barnacle-like granules of gold, make for beautifully unique alternative engagement rings.

Best of all, Tomlinson offers a bespoke service in which a client’s own diamonds can be re-set into one of her contemporary creations, ideal for brides-to-be with family stones, or indeed wives considering giving their existing engagement ring a revamp. ruthtomlinson.co.uk

For the colour-loving bride: George Pragnell

George Pragnell oval-cut Burmese ruby ring in yellow gold 
George Pragnell oval-cut Burmese ruby ring in yellow gold 

There’s no rule that says engagement rings have to be white diamonds, and the popularity of coloured stones has rocketed in recent years. The latest Masterpieces collection from Stratford-Upon-Avon family jeweller George Pragnell includes two such stones: a 2.54-carat oval Burmese ruby and a 2.62-carat cushion-cut Burmese sapphire, selected by a member of the family for their exceptional colour and quality.

Simply yet meticulously set in warm yellow gold in a rubover setting, the minimal design lets the stones sing. There’s also an oval-cut white diamond option for the more traditional bride. From £20,000; pragnell.co.uk

For the rock’n’roll bride: Jemma Wynne x Stone & Strand

Jemma Wynne x Stone & Strand double pave hexagon frame diamond ring 
Jemma Wynne x Stone & Strand double pave hexagon frame diamond ring 

The Big Apple is always ripe with jewellery brands lesser known on these shores, and is therefore a good bet if she’s after an engagement ring unlike anything her friends will be sporting. The new collaboration between New York-based jewellery brand Jemma Wynneand the city’s online jewellery boutique Stone & Strand provides exactly that.

Six exclusive ring designs range from simple-with-a-twist (a brilliant-cut diamond on a double-band of diamond pavé) to decidedly alternative: a brilliant-cut stone set on one end of the brand’s signature open rings, or surrounded by a double hexagonal halo. All are finished in blackened 18-carat white gold, lending a rock’n’roll edge. From £1,960; stoneandstrand.com

For the glamorous bride: Bulgari

Bulgari Incontro d'Amore ring in platinum with diamonds

Bulgari Incontro d'Amore ring in platinum with diamonds
Bulgari Incontro d’Amore ring in platinum with diamonds

With its reputation for boldly colourful jewellery, Bulgari isn’t the first brand that springs to mind when you think “engagement ring”. But fittingly for a brand founded in Rome, its engagement ring offering is imbued with a sense of Italian exuberance and glamour. Accompanied by a campaign depicting an elegant Roman wedding, the Incontro d’Amore features pavé diamonds along its gently curving split shank, which spirals up to display a brilliant-cut stone. From £16,100, bulgari.com

For the romantic bride: Boodles

Boodles Mosaic three-stone Ashoka diamond ring in platinum with diamonds

Boodles Mosaic three-stone Ashoka diamond ring in platinum with diamonds
Boodles Mosaic three-stone Ashoka diamond ring in platinum with diamonds

First launched in 2015, Boodles’ Mosaic collection pays tribute to the geometric patterns found in art and architecture across history. And because three diamonds are better than one, this new addition sees three elegant Ashoka diamonds – the patented cut exclusive to Boodles in the UK – suspended from pavé-diamond openwork, allowing light to flood into each stone’s 62 facets.

Nadine Aysoy wins Editors’ Choice award at IJL

Nadine Aysoy

Jewellery designer Nadine Aysoy has been named the winner of the Editors’ Choice award at this year’s International Jewellery London (IJL).

The panel of industry magazine and digital editors chose the brand’s Mille et Une Feuilles 18k rose gold ring, set with one 14mm South Sea Pearl and 164 round-cut diamonds, as being the single most eye-catching design at Olympia this year.

Judges praised the piece for its leaf design that curves across multiple fingers; created a style that is equal parts elegant and extravagant.

One industry editor commented: “I love Nadine’s aesthetic and the consideration she puts into the market she’s targeting; hers are pieces for grown-ups and designs that last forever – transcending fashion. Her pieces have drama, intrigue and beautiful craftsmanship.”

IJL event director, Sam Willoughby, said: “Many of our media judges agreed that Nadine Aysoy’s Mille et Une Feuilles collection is one to watch. Her signature Mille et Une Feuilles rose gold ring is a real scene-stealer, proving that timeless style, impeccable craftsmanship and a contemporary spirit can exist in one piece. Congratulations to Nadine Aysoy on her Editors’ Choice win.”

During the inaugural day of IJL 2017 (3 September), a panel of six editors were tasked with discovering the exhibiting designer with the most attention-grabbing collections.

Other brands that have secured coveted Editors’ Choice Awards during the show include Farrah Al-Dujaili, designer of emerging brand Oddical, who was named ‘Designer to Watch’ for 2017.

IJL event director, Sam Willoughby, added: “At IJL, we are proud to have forged strong relationships with specialist trade magazines, journalists, bloggers and social media influencers. By giving these editors the chance to share their views, Editors’ Choice truly lives up to its name.”

The winners of the first phase of Editors’ Choice in the three exclusive categories – Technical Trailblazer, Creative Originality and Commercial Mastermind – were The Rock Hound, Isabella Liu and Franco Florenzi respectively.

Timex Group appoints Duncan Harris as sales and marketing director

Duncan Harris

Timex Group UK has strengthened its senior management team with the appointment of Duncan Harris as its sales & marketing director.

He will be reporting directly to Gavin Crilly-McKean SVP international. .

Duncan has over 20 years experience within the UK industry. His previous role was as general manager at Bulova UK.

Mr Harris will be responsible for Timex Group UK Sales and Marketing roll out strategies and
customer development as the multi brand portfolio continues to grow across the UK.

Gavin Crilly-McKean said: “I’m extremely pleased to have Duncan join the senior management team.

“He is a widely respected key individual within the UK watch industry and his expertise across strategic planning and brand development are a great fit for the continued growth of our UK operation across Timex, Versus, Versace, Ferragamo and autica brands with our partners.”

Harris added: “Timex Group UK undeniably has made impressive gains in distribution and brand development over recent years and I am truly excited to be leading such a great team and drive growth.”