Tracee Ellis Ross and Kelly Rowland Share Their Style Tips

Your personal style says a lot about who you are.

“I think style is a form of how people wear their insides on the outside,” Tracee Ellis Ross told E! News behind the scenes of the Elle Personal Style Awards photo shoot.

Although we don’t personally know celebrities like the Blackish star or Kelly Rowland, their role as trendsetters stems from the ease to which they express themselves. With over a decade in the spotlight, where fashion matters, these ladies have developed a unique style worthy of a thousand awards.

Now, along with fellow nominees Amanda de Cadenet and Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor, these trendsetters are sharing their must-haves and styling tips in the magazine’s October issue (and the video above). And, crossing their fingers that the Personal Style Awards’ judges, including Jessica AlbaGabrielle Union, fashion designer Prabal Gurung and E!’s very own Catt Sadler, chose their style as number one.

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Kelly, who described her style as “moody,” said, “I like to be a little androgynous at times, but classic. I like a look that’s going to last.” This includes classic dress silhouettes paired to funky patterns, monotone sets worn with brilliant kimonos and T-shirts with denim—a classic. Celebrity stylist Ade Samuel is responsible for many of her epic looks, but even on a casual day, the singer has her way of making any outfit standout.

“I can literally throw on a tank top and jeans, but it’s all about the type of shoe I put on with it.” Platforms, sneakers, boots—the standout shoe is an essential for the pop star’s wardrobe.

03 Secrets Personal Shoppers Know About Shopping

Some people are so good at shopping, they go pro. It sounds like a dream job — shopping for a living — but personal shoppers and stylists make it their business to save clients from the headaches associated with hunting for clothes. The Lookbook chatted with three shopping pros for tips on how to pick out things that truly suit you, stop wasting money, and end shopping regret for good.

1.  Nicole Pollard, LALALUXE

When one percenters want to shop, they call Nicole Pollard. She dresses seriously wealthy and influential clients (including royalty), who all rely on her eye for putting a unique, statement-making look together. “I don’t like people to look like they walked straight off the runway. I find that incredibly boring,” she says. “Even my clients that are billionaires, I encourage them to shop their closets and do things in a creative way so they don’t look like the lady sitting next to them at the luncheon.”

Nicole’s always loved shopping and travel, but when she started her business 12 years ago, she was working at a preschool. “I definitely pinch myself when I’m sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week,” she says. Here’s what Nicole always has in mind while on the hunt for the perfect piece for her clients:

Be true to yourself, not to trends. “I think for developing a sense of style, it’s really listening to yourself, your intuition, paying attention to what you gravitate towards and then taking into consideration your body and your lifestyle. We all have certain features which we should be flaunting — our best features — and we all have things we’d like to change. So it’s really important to not to just dress for a trend, but dress to make something work for you.”

But there is always a way to be on trend. “What I like to do is work with clients and say, how can we incorporate in a trend that won’t be the focal point? It’s an afterthought. You are the focal point. You want people to look at you, not what you’re wearing. How can we do this in a way that works with you instead of against you?

Right now, the ‘90s slip dress is so hot and everybody is wearing it. But for example, for a large busted woman, it might be a little more difficult. So we recommend wearing a T-shirt underneath, just changing it up a little bit so the the trend works for your body type and you feel comfortable. If you feel beautiful in a piece, then people are going to notice. But if you’re uncomfortable in it, that’s going to be written all over your forehead too.”

Vintage pieces add character to any outfit. “I was at the Long Beach Flea Market yesterday. I love mixing vintage with current pieces, even for my biggest clients. Let’s say you wear a beautiful current sweater and you pair it with a vintage Victorian slip: it adds a little bit of creativity to the look. It doesn’t just look like it’s from right now. It adds dimension and you think about what the person’s wearing.”

2.  Roxanne Hauldren, Shop With Rox

Four years ago, actress Rox Hauldren got a genius idea to lead NYC shopping tours. Her itineraries involve guiding visitors and locals alike through the Garment District and local boutiques, introducing them to labels from emerging designers and FIT grads. Since then, she’s shopped with more than 500 women from 15 countries who want to get deals and unique pieces in NYC. “Shopping is an art form. I just love going to make a day of it, going to get lunch, having a plan of attack,” she says.

Rox zeroed in on three universal tips from all those shopping trips: again, she says planning is key and you should never assume indie boutiques are automatically out of your budget. “You can get something for sale at a New York boutique for the same price as Zara,” she says. “So why would you want to go to Zara when you could support someone’s kid going to college or someone’s small boutique?”

Alot time to shop in your calendar. “We schedule everything else in our lives. We schedule massages, we schedule coffee dates, we schedule and overschedule. But sometimes everyone finds themselves in this habit of desperation shopping. You’re coming from the gym, you don’t have your hair done or your makeup, you’re rushing around. You’re probably not your best self. When you try on something, it’s not going to feel right.

Trying on clothes and being in front of a mirror can be challenging for some people. If you’re already starting off not on the right foot and not in the right mindset, it’s not going to be a success. It’s hard to envision. ‘Oh well, if I had my hair done, this would look better.’ Well, it’s probably not the right dress. If you’re so focused on, oh I don’t feel good, I didn’t work out this morning, you’re already beating yourself up, so the dress has no chance. Feel good about yourself before you even leave. Create that positive atmosphere already so you’re setting yourself up for success.”

Have a budget in mind beforehand. “I’ve definitely seen a lot of women go in and get really excited and you overspend. When you go home, that’s never a good feeling. And when you wear the dress, it’s not a good feeling. That guilt sort of takes all the fun and reward of that shopping high.”

Make friends at your local boutique. “Everyone looks to the internet for Stitchfix or services that can really make your life easier, but they forget that your local boutiques are competing with online so they’re willing to go the extra mile. You’re going to get discounts, you’re going to get calls, you’re going to get invited to events. Get to know the sale associate’s name. When the good stuff comes in, you’re going to get called. Who can beat that? You’re not going to get a call from”

3.  Marina Monroe, Stylehaüs

Marina Monroe is the CEO of Stylehaüs, a membership-based personal shopping service in Los Angeles that does it all, from closet consultations to personalized shopping sessions in ehr showroom stocked with pieces from around the world. Her new baby is online fashion inspiration site The Frow, which you can use to track down celebrity favorite items and dupes. Here’s what she’s learned from over a decade as a stylist:

Invest in quality staple pieces and experiment with trendy items. “Put more of your budget towards staple pieces that are timeless and/or fit great and you can wear constantly, like a great little black dress, blazer, leather jacket, black pump or high end handbag. If buying a trendy piece you are not sure you will get much use out of, “test drive” the piece from a store like H&M.”

Always purchase pieces you can wear immediately or with a quick alteration. “Never buy items that you don’t feel confident in or have for when you lose some weight. They will just end up wasting away in your closet.”

Don’t impulse buy just because things are on sale. “Sales are awesome, but judge the piece the same way you would a regular priced item. If you don’t love it, you don’t need it. It’s better to buy one piece you wear all the time at full price than 10 discounted pieces you never wear.”

4.  Michelle McFarlane, The Shopping Friend

Michelle McFarlane is the first to admit that she used to be a “fashion disaster.” But in her career as a model and actress, she learned from hundreds of professional stylists for fashion shoots, television, and film along the way. Now she’s the head stylist and founder of The Shopping Friend, a personal styling and shopping company with fashion experts in Los Angeles, Denver, New York, and Singapore. Here’s why Michelle thinks you should refresh your Pinterest account way before you even start shopping:

Create a mood board: “Before you shop, you need to really know the right styles for your tastes, lifestyle, and body shape. To do this, before even stepping foot in a store, we advise our clients to create style mood boards on Pinterest, or a similar platform, with at least 50 images of outfits they love, keeping their tastes, lifestyle, and body shapes in mind. Most of our clients don’t have a clear vision of what their personal style is and, when they shop, they randomly choose pieces and don’t know how to ensure that items are right for them or will play well with most of their wardrobe. ‘Play well’ means that each item you own can be paired well with 80% of your wardrobe.

Creating mood boards helps our clients hone in on the right style for their personalities and their body shapes. These mood boards act as a guide towards developing a flattering and lasting wardrobe that you can continually build on. And as trends come and go, you can use them to see how those trends ‘play’ with the looks and pieces you already own. Even for myself, I have multiple mood boards, so I’m always very clear on what looks and pieces I want and need at any given time. This makes shopping easy and prevents owning a wardrobe that is filled with pieces that you can’t match with anything or you don’t really like after a few wears.”

Stitch Fix Adds 100+ Premium Brands to Popular Personal Styling Service

SAN FRANCISCOAug. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Stitch Fix, the world’s leading online personal styling service, added more than 100 new premium brands to its product offering. Now, clients can get access to even more brands, with price points ranging from $100-$600.

In women’s, Stitch Fix will carry brands such as Alice & Olivia, Helmut LangKate SpadeRebecca Minkoff and Theory. Men’s brands will include John VarvatosSteven Alan, Theory and Todd Snyder. Stitch Fix will also offer premium denim brands, like AG, Citizens of Humanity, JBrand, Joe’s Jeans and PAIGE for men and women.

These established and emerging brands are known for exceptional quality, fit, construction and fabrication. More than half of the assortment will be exclusive to Stitch Fix.

“We’re excited to deliver a new mix of premium brands in our Fixes,” said CEO Katrina Lake. “This launch offers a compelling combination of recognizable brands that our clients know and love, as well as new emerging brands they can discover for the first time. Now, our stylists have even more ability to create the perfect Fix for each client.”

“I’m thrilled to partner with Stitch Fix. With its unparalleled consumer insights and personal styling expertise, Stitch Fix is changing the way people shop,” said Rebecca Minkoff, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Rebecca Minkoff. “This partnership offers us an incredible opportunity to introduce some of my favorite styles to more customers nationwide.”

Stitch Fix trained 1,000 stylists on the elevated fit, construction and fabrication these brands offer to help clients discover the perfect style combinations. Stylists also immersed themselves in the heritage and values of the brands, so they could really understand what to recommend to clients.

Premium brands will be incorporated into the Stitch Fix experience for clients who have already selected a high price point in their style profile. Clients can also adjust the price points in their profile to experience the new brands

Personal styling workshops to inspire women #womensmonth

August is national women’s month. A time to celebrate women. To acknowledge our achievements and strengths. To uplift and inspire each other. One such woman is Jessica Mole. Mole, the owner and designer of Jessica Anne clothing range.

Jessica Mole believes women need to be celebrated. Pic by Anna Belle Durrant

As a young entrepreneur, Mole wants to contribute to the uplifting of women through the personal styling workshops she’s hosting this month. .

“Our workshops will celebrate who we are as individuals. We all have different roles and take on responsibilities and it’s great to take some ‘me time’ every now and then” says Mole.
She adds that as a woman, it can be quite an overwhelming task choosing clothing items for your closet.

The Jessica Anne clothing range is a mixture of classic silhouettes with fun, quality fabric. Pic supplied

“I create clothes for women who are looking for beautiful, contemporary clothing that also have a classic element to them. I give you the tools and show you how to wear clothes in a way that is flattering to your body shape. As an experienced stylist I understand how a garment should be made and how it should fall on your body in order to be flattering” says Mole about her clothing range.

We speak to Mole answers a few questions about her clothing range and the workshops she’s hosting.

How would you describe your collection and what was the inspiration for the clothing range?
My collection is a mixture of classic silhouettes with fun, quality fabric that’s breathable. My vision behind making clothes is for women to feel amazing when they wear them. I focus on creating clothes that are timeless and also work for different body types.

What are the challenges you face as a designer and entrepreneur?
Starting a business is often a ‘one man show’ and as an entrepreneur you’re often required to wear many hats which is tough and character testing, sometimes even lonely. Although, the joy of achieving a goal that leads to a dream is one of the most satisfying things. I’ve learned to avoid that fear of failure and try my best to learn from my mistakes.

What advice can you offer women on what she should have in her wardrobe?
Always have the basics. Basic, classic clothes are key in any wardrobe because they are timeless and can be worn on many occasions. Basics include black tailored pants, black skinny jeans, dark wash denims, white collared shirts, a tailored blazer, a denim jacket etc. Once you have a good few basic items you can build from them, dress them up or down and add trendy items that add personality to a look.

What does Women’s Month mean to you and the brand?
Women’s month is one of my favorite months of the year because I think women need to be celebrated. Celebrating women is something that’s close to my heart because I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and not feel good about myself. I have learned that inner beauty really is important and it starts with you. Healthy living through relationships, eating well, meditating and spending time that’s good for one’s soul. In my opinion outer beauty is really just a overflow of what is happening on the inside. That said, it’s as important to look after your outer appearance because that’s how people perceive you, which reflects who you are to them in many ways.

What would you like to achieve through your personal styling workshops?
I want women to feel beautiful about themselves, to walk out the door in the morning and feel confident in who they are. It’s an amazing feat to feel comfortable in one’s skin and I hope to help women get on the right path towards that!

How does the workshop incorporate the South African woman who comes in all different shapes and sizes?
I’m a firm believer that every woman has a unique body type. In the workshop you will learn what to wear for your unique body type and how to wear it. I think as a woman you know how hard it is to put an outfit together that works for your body type and that you feel comfortable in. Also, what do you wear when. When should you wear formal attire etc. How to do your hair and makeup and what accessories one should have. We discuss all of this and give practical examples with you.

How to Wear Floral Print in the Fall

If you thought florals were only for summer, think again.

From small polka dot-like daisies to large appliqués, celebrities like Shay MitchellGigi Hadidand Miranda Kerr are bringing florals into fall with style. Like most patterns, flowers brighten any ensemble and, like polka dots, add a feminine note to a look. However, based on the styling, adding the trend doesn’t have to make your outfit girly, per se. There are unlimited ways to make fit it into your personal style

For example, a bomber jacket with floral embellishments can transform your basic jeans and T-shirt into a standout look in seconds. For a jacket that pops, opt for bright or large embellishments (See: the model’s jacket) and pair with sneakers or heeled sandals. The added pattern looks just as good on men as it does on women. It’s a must-have.

For more fall essentials and tips from transitioning your sunny wardrobe into fall, watch the video above and follow the tips below!

ESC: Winter Florals

Model’s top: Doneé Par Dieu Sofia Tube Top, $29.99

Model’s bottoms: Selfie Leslie Kaya Floral Pants, Now $35.50

Model’s shoes: Doneé Par Dieu Golden Swirl Heels, $52.99

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Floral Embroidery T-Shirt, $34

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Cream Floral Print Wrap Front Midi Skirt, Now $34

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Short-Sleeve Chiffon Wrap Dress, $68

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Embroidered Ruffle Lace Shift Dress, $180

ESC: Winter Florals

Model’s dress: Never Fully Dressed Billy Dress

Model’s top: Zachary Cora Crop

Model’s skirt: Zachary Tube Skirt

Model’s shoes: Schutz Primm

ESC: Fall Florals

Stem the Tide Embroidered Top, $36

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Marlie Black Embroidered Floral Sheer Lace Mini Dress, $61.25

ESC: Fall Florals

Anna Sequin Floral Mesh T-Shirt Dress, Now $15

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Dalia Embroidered Fitted Blouse, $395

ESC: Winter Florals

Model’s jacket: Racquel Orozco Kirna Bomber, $6,600

Model’s jeans: Paige Hoxton Crop, $239

Model’s shoes: Monika Chiang Irina Black Calf Sandals, Now $295


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Oriental Floral Scuba Bomber, $50

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ASOS Floral Print Bomber Jacket, Now $68

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Flora Bomber Jacket, Now $28

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Open Front Bomber Jacket, Now $33.19