Defining personal style — that sweet spot where fit, form and function collide in a way that reflects one’s best self – requires a little work. Most people are drawn to a combination of looks and their tastes evolve over time.

Words like classic, sophisticated, feminine, minimalist and edgy are often tossed around to describe style, but what do these terms mean for the working woman, mom-on-the-go, the student, the athlete, the socialite and the woman who is a true mix of all of the above?

Fortunately, the help of a personal stylist is no longer a luxury only afforded celebrities and dignitaries. Personal stylists are at the ready to assist clients of varying ages, genders and budgets!

Devin Tucker, Carri Keigley, Tricia Collins and Jama Vinogradov are personal stylists in Pensacola with résumés that include working with celebrity clients domestically and abroad, and they insist that almost everyone could benefit from the services of a personal stylist.

They also agree that the field of personal styling requires wearing multiple hats — advisor, confidante, cheerleader and coach. A personal stylist understands how one’s overall appearance is the focus. Therefore, they make suggestions regarding color choices, makeup application, outfit arrangements and hairstyles to make the total package one that makes sense.

Tucker, who is the mentee of celebrity fashion stylist and expert J. Bolin, travelled to Dallas to attend Bolin’s bootcamp for professional stylists. He has since dressed one of gospels youngest phenoms, local singer Dwayne Crocker, Jr., and Grammy award-winning songstress Le’Andria Johnson, for appearances on BET’s “Sunday Best.” He is the lead stylist for the Glass Awards (a gospel award show in Canada). Alicia McCreary Waters, Pensacola’s spoken-word poetess, calls upon Tucker for fashion shoots and special appearances.

“A client may call for help with dressing for a special event, overhauling a closet or figuring out which looks work after life-changing events like divorce, weight loss, new job or pregnancy,” Tucker said.

Keigley has worked in the fashion industry as a model, photographer, stylist and makeup artist for over 30 years. After a stint with Nordstrom in Seattle, she finely tuned her craft in the international market. For 10 years, she worked in Italy, France, Germany and Japan. Her experience includes work on productions, including television. She is passionate about helping clients define their style from head to toe. She subscribes to a school of thought that promotes distinguishing style from fashion.

“Fashion goes out of style, but style on the other hand is timeless,” says Keigley.

Vinogradov has been a fashion and beauty blogger and influencer for more than three years. Her blogging went to the next tier when she was selected, from candidates worldwide, as one of the top 10 bloggers in Marc Jacob’s #CastMeMarc Project —  an experience that allowed her to meet Jacobs, and become immersed in the various sides of the fashion industry, while working with his team.

“My main responsibility in my blogging is to inspire, dare to be different and help find personal style,” Vinogradov said. She accomplishes this by demonstrating how to create certain outfits and how to incorporate pieces in unexpected ways.

Collins’ work started in London and continued in California where she started as a personal shopper for Macy’s. She says that it was her love of clothes that led her into the industry that allowed her to assist individual customers and provide wardrobe assistance for television shows. For 15 years, she worked her magic helping clients learn to make wise decisions, avoid faux paus and be willing to try new looks.