This CREEPY self-nail art with long HAIR attachments is freaking everyone out!

Fashion is always evolving and what might be hot today may just be out tomorrow. But in the quest to be unique and quite hatke, sometimes fashionistas end up thinking way out of the box and come up with something not only weird but also downright outlandish and oddly disturbing. While we are still trying to get our heads straight around squiggle eyebrows and lips, here’s another eerie fashion invasion to baffle our minds.

Illusion artist Dain Yoon from South Korea unveiled new nail art on the virtual world — self-nail art. Wondering what’s that? Well, it’s where each of her nails were etched with her own face, and to make it perfect, she added long strands of hair as well! Imagine long black tresses hanging from the sides of your finger! Yes, perfectly drawn eyes, nose, eyebrows, red lips and jet black hair — they do resemble the artist, don’t they?! And to create a variety, there she’s posed in various expressions too!

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