Mainstream is boring: After squiggle brows, it’s time for wavy lips

Wavy Lips

Last month, we were introduced to one of the weirdest eyebrow trends, the squiggle brows. Beauty enthusiasts were immediately taken with it, sharing photos of their unique but hilarious creations on Instagram. But as expected, it was just another flash-in-the-pan viral sensations which made us squirm. As if things were not bad enough, a few weeks later, we came across an equally bizarre and intricate squiggle phenomenon taking over social media. This time it travelled down south and landed on the lips.

We first caught wind of the trend when beauty YouTuber Lexington, who goes by the name of ‘looks_by_lexington’ shared a photo on her page as a light-hearted joke. The caption read, “New trend alert!!!1!!1! Wavy Lips… ???? or ????? Obviously this is MAKEUP and NOT FaceTune, any haterz will be #BLOKT (update – issa joke).”

It doesn’t matter even if the experiment was a part of a joke and the photo was clearly photoshopped because bravehearts lapped it up happily and started sharing their own versions of the wavy lips. A few of these designs by make-up artists and beauty bloggers are actually interesting with them using bright lip shades, liners and concealer to pull it off. Needless to say, it requires a lot of effort!

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