If you were the star of a blockbuster Netflix show, attending a major New York press call, what would you wear?

When Vogue Met Millie Bobby Brown

When Vogue Met Millie Bobby Brown

OK, you’re not just any star, you’re teenage TV sensation Millie Bobby Brown, and you’ve got the pick of any runway look from anywhere in the world, plus the press call happens to be for Stranger Things 2, the highly-addictive series that most of the Vogue office consumed in one sitting.

WWMBBD (what would Milly Bobby Brown Do)? First, she’d ditch the traditional red-carpet ensemble; sweeping hemlines are out (as is the actual red carpet).

Second, she’d text Nicolas Ghesquière to borrow Louis Vuitton’s sporty polo neck minidress – this is bodycon for a generation that don’t do Hervé Léger, tonged ‘dos or fake eyelashes and contouring. Thank God.

Third, she’d leave out the heels altogether. Venturing out in sneakers after dark now has high fashion endorsement (just ask Phoebe Philo). And they just happen to be the sci-fi sneakers that every fashion editor wants urgently. Lastly, add spooky slimline sunglasses. Now, off you go and casually start a new era in entertainment history. Easy, no?

Here’s Vogue‘s edit of the new wave bodycon dresses leading the trend for pared-back party wear.

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